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TYSTVIDEO Portable Teleprompter

TYSTVIDEO Portable Teleprompter
TYSTVIDEO Portable Teleprompter

TYSTVIDEO Portable Teleprompter

[ TY-990055 ]
Teleprompter for iPAD and Android PAD

TY-330 portable flat teleprompter is a new type of portable flat teleprompter customized and produced in response to customer feedback after TY-320. It adopts an integrated combination design. The full set of connection keys are all designed with thumbscrews, and the viewing distance and viewing angle are adjustable.

Product features:
  • Support 7-11" inch screen computer as mirror monitor.
  • The tablet supports the image flip function.
  • The angle of the reflective surface of the new teleprompter can be adjusted.
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to carry and use.
  • 15mm connecting rod, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of cameras, easy to adjust and install.
  • The teleprompter can be quickly installed in 60 seconds with a hand-tightening screw.
  • Equipped with a portable suitcase with built-in foam filling, which effectively guarantees the installation of equipment and is convenient for transportation and carrying.
  • App store downloads include ios and Android teleprompter software.

    Design concept:
  • TY-330 is a compact multi-function teleprompter we carry. The whole unit is divided into 3 main parts, a folding glass frame, a connecting rod and a camera quick-mounting rack, and this teleprompter system is equipped with a wireless control keyboard and The portable suitcase, while ensuring the broadcast editing control, is also guaranteed to be carried.

    Highlight coating teleprompter screen (spectroscope):
  • We use medical-grade coated spectroscopic glass, 3mm thick, with a light transmittance of 97%, and a reflectivity of >20%. You don't have to worry about the spectroscope affecting your image and shooting effect when you broadcast and shoot.

    Prompter screen
  • You can choose your teleprompter tablet according to your preferences, whether it is an Apple PAD with ISO operating system or an Android tablet based on Android operating system. It supports a size of 7-10 inches, which greatly improves the product¬ís performance. Practicality.

    One-piece glass frame:
  • In order to make your work easier, we use a steel glass frame, you can easily adjust the high and low angles to achieve a more ideal viewing angle, without having to adjust your other equipment. The adjustable frame is also easier to pack and travel.

    New camera quick-mounting rack:
  • TY-320 is equipped with our new quick mounting bracket, which is faster and more convenient when installing and disassembling the camera. It can also be adjusted in height to adapt to different sizes of cameras.
  • TYSTVIDEO Portable Teleprompter
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    TY-330 Tablet Teleprompter User Manual.pdf

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