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TYSTVIDEO Mobile Teleprompter

TYSTVIDEO Mobile Teleprompter
TYSTVIDEO Mobile Teleprompter

TYSTVIDEO Mobile Teleprompter

[ TY-990050 ]
Mobile Teleprompter for Smartphone

M1 teleprompter is suitable for use with SLR small DV camcorders. It supports mobile phones below 6.5 inches. According to the different SLRs used by users, this teleprompter is equipped with a variety of lens adapters to facilitate the use of SLR cameras.

HD display content:
The broadcaster or speaker can view the rolling subtitles on the mobile phone in real time through the mirror reflection principle of the teleprompter, so that the speaker can face the camera while watching the speech. The speaker, the teleprompter, and the camera are in The same level line, so that the speaker who shoots the picture is always the relative speaking to the audience, which improves the quality of the speech.

  • 1. Teleprompter frame 1, 2. Mirror beam splitter, 3. Mobile phone shelf, 4. Manual warranty card, 1 point, 5. 8 adapter rings, 6. Portable suitcase (customized purchase) , 7. Download 1 QR code card from the teleprompter APP.

  • Reminder: This product is the teleprompter host and related accessories, excluding the teleprompter mirror screen, teleprompter beam splitter, hood, teleprompter tray, tripod, etc.
  • TYSTVIDEO Mobile Teleprompter
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